Yo those kicks, what are they made out of?

We go through life wearing all kinds of footwear and we rarely ever think about what they are composed of. In this modern age most people use fabrics of all kinds and plastic and even carbon fiber on some of the higher quality sneakers has started to appear. I will be talking about none of these. I instead will be speaking on a stranger sneaker material that has found its way into production. The Nike Lebron X “Cork” isn’t a color way as much as it is a just all new way to think about a sneaker. This Kick is truly innovative. To explain I must begin with this it looks like any other colorway of the Lebron X series the only difference is, is this sneaker is completely made out of Cork. The same material used to plug up wine bottles for many years is now a sneaker. Now I can’t certifiably say that I’ll cop these but if I had the chance then maybe. Rain + Cork= Maybe a bad time. 



On the plus though March is fast approaching and this warmer weather will make the drops next month memorable. (Hopefully) 

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