Kevin Durant Smash!!!! Wait… that’s not right.

After much thought and thinking about the ascetic look of these I have made my choice to not get the Kevin Durant sneakers. This is not to say that I don’t like them, at a recent camp that I attended for rugby over the break I was given a pair to wear for use for the indoor drills. They feel amazing and they look even better. Even after the drills were over I kept them to wear for a pickup game of basketball. The only issue with these sneakers in any colorway is, at least for me is the fact that his last pair of sneakers, or the KD4’s, were just so good. If anyone is new to this sneaker game then get them.

This colorway though is subtle which is good for most but this is a great color for them. They have a deep green that is dulled by the matte finish. Then we have the rich green splatter effect on the bottom of the kick and is confirmed to glow in the dark. Of course KD has set the price of the kick to about $160 which is really a steal for any sneakerhead.


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