Boston Strong in every which way.

A week ago we were faced with a tragedy. Attacked by terrorist who wanted to spread fear amongst the masses. On Monday at 3:00 the city of Boston was bombed and the marathon that was going suddenly didn’t matter. The real goal on that day was then to survive. We lost 3 people, more were injured and even more were scarred by the event. But as a country, we were not going to be brought down this event. We are going to rise from the smoke and the ashes. President Obama gave a speech that moved the people and gave us hope.

Another speech was given in Boston, a speech that was a bit more personal, making the speech given that much more important. I am speaking of the speech given by Red Sox DH and 1B David Ortiz. This was the first game that was played in Boston after the bombing. David Ortiz gave an impassioned speech that gave further hope that we were going to come out of this tragedy brighter, better, and united.

Its Rabbit season well rabbit season for sneakers.

I love the Jordan Retro 8’s. Every colorway is something that I and I think that just about every sneaker heads love them. They have just about no retros and only like four color ways(maybe more) but this year of 2013 has granted us the ability to get the Aquas, the Laney’s, the Playoff’s and of course my favorite the Bugs Bunnies. The Bugs Bunnies just look cool. The person who picked this colorway deserves a pair with their name on them. But they are just a great sneaker. The Eights in general always have had a great feel and then they just look somewhat like a rabbit too, just makes this sneaker a must have. With the weather getting better, I myself will be trying to get a couple of pairs. Before you all try to crucify upside down though I want to multiple pairs in order to have a pair to rock as soon as my first break down. (Which they will) But people get these sneakers 4/20 they come out, you know unless your busy with OTHER stuff. 


3 Stripes have never felt so good.

I know that when we think of sneakers the first thing most of us think of is that NIke Swoosh on the side or on the front. But today I want to talk about another type of sneakers. Adidas is another brand of sneaker that most people in these days don’t really pay attention too because many of the biggest athletes and stars in society focus on Nike. So today the pair of kicks that I want to pay attention to are the Jeremy Scott’s Nizza. Now anyone who know of JS knows that he is a little crazy on his sneaker designs really show off the creativity of what he can produce for the masses. Or the mini masses (He doesn’t release his kicks in large quantities). The Nizzas are light weight, beautiful, sleek, and very nice all around. That is all… get these sneakers if you have the chance, that is all.


Baseball is back… really back, no Spring Training, These really count

Baseball is here again and that time of the year when the world wakes up from the slumber of winter. The spring training games that people don’t care about are gone and everything has started at zero once again. I love baseball, no matter it is something that I was raised on and something that was in my life from the time that I was two. The problem I faced as a young kid was that I never liked the teams of the city in which I grew up. Call it an excuse for being a bandwagon I don’t care after looking for the longest time for a team that I could fall in love with, I fell in love with that team by the cove. The San Francisco Giants. The Giants were my team, imagine the looks I got being a New York kid liking a team that plays three hours behind you, and doesn’t play near you except for three times a year. But I fell in love with this team as soon as Barry Bonds left. Once Bonds left I saw a changing of this team and I loved it they played gritty baseball and had great pitching. With the Giants recently I have found that the Giants are still my tea and will always be my team. More Importantly: Baseball is back.