Baseball is back… really back, no Spring Training, These really count

Baseball is here again and that time of the year when the world wakes up from the slumber of winter. The spring training games that people don’t care about are gone and everything has started at zero once again. I love baseball, no matter it is something that I was raised on and something that was in my life from the time that I was two. The problem I faced as a young kid was that I never liked the teams of the city in which I grew up. Call it an excuse for being a bandwagon I don’t care after looking for the longest time for a team that I could fall in love with, I fell in love with that team by the cove. The San Francisco Giants. The Giants were my team, imagine the looks I got being a New York kid liking a team that plays three hours behind you, and doesn’t play near you except for three times a year. But I fell in love with this team as soon as Barry Bonds left. Once Bonds left I saw a changing of this team and I loved it they played gritty baseball and had great pitching. With the Giants recently I have found that the Giants are still my tea and will always be my team. More Importantly: Baseball is back.


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