Its Rabbit season well rabbit season for sneakers.

I love the Jordan Retro 8’s. Every colorway is something that I and I think that just about every sneaker heads love them. They have just about no retros and only like four color ways(maybe more) but this year of 2013 has granted us the ability to get the Aquas, the Laney’s, the Playoff’s and of course my favorite the Bugs Bunnies. The Bugs Bunnies just look cool. The person who picked this colorway deserves a pair with their name on them. But they are just a great sneaker. The Eights in general always have had a great feel and then they just look somewhat like a rabbit too, just makes this sneaker a must have. With the weather getting better, I myself will be trying to get a couple of pairs. Before you all try to crucify upside down though I want to multiple pairs in order to have a pair to rock as soon as my first break down. (Which they will) But people get these sneakers 4/20 they come out, you know unless your busy with OTHER stuff. 


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