Yo those kicks, what are they made out of?

We go through life wearing all kinds of footwear and we rarely ever think about what they are composed of. In this modern age most people use fabrics of all kinds and plastic and even carbon fiber on some of the higher quality sneakers has started to appear. I will be talking about none of these. I instead will be speaking on a stranger sneaker material that has found its way into production. The Nike Lebron X “Cork” isn’t a color way as much as it is a just all new way to think about a sneaker. This Kick is truly innovative. To explain I must begin with this it looks like any other colorway of the Lebron X series the only difference is, is this sneaker is completely made out of Cork. The same material used to plug up wine bottles for many years is now a sneaker. Now I can’t certifiably say that I’ll cop these but if I had the chance then maybe. Rain + Cork= Maybe a bad time. 



On the plus though March is fast approaching and this warmer weather will make the drops next month memorable. (Hopefully) 

Now for something completely different from rugby…. Baseball



This is Christmas in February for me. The beginning of the MLB season is almost upon us and although we are more than a month away from the start of the greatest sport ever and anyone who is a baseball feels the same I do. With the way that I feel about baseball, this time of the year is a blessing for me and fans everywhere. This time of the year is not only the beginning of a new season, but of new hope. This fresh start is great for some, not so much for others either way this season is looking like one for the ages.


England, Oh England. Also BASEBALL IS BACK… kind of

For some reason, I do not know why, but I love everything that has to do with the country of Great Britain. There is just something about this country and I can’t tell what it is. Whatever it is this weekend I waited for Nemo to unleash its wrath, which it didn’t, I watched the basic basketball, college sports, until I came upon the BBC America channel again. They were showing the Six Nations tournament which, I have stated in a previous post but the two teams playing were the Irish who I had no real opinion about then on the other side there were the British. Immediately my attention was turned towards the game and all the college and pro hoops would have to wait a while.


Rugby is good, really but if I’m not playing then I want to see the British play it. After watching the 80 minutes of this match on the pitch, I looked up at the score and saw that we had won. It hit me then that what I was, I was a fan. I had gone past the role of spectator to the role of player to the true fan. I now view the game and the team of England as part of myself, I realized that Rugby has now reached a level that one other has in my idea of fandom. Rugby in my mind is now equal to baseball but for now it will only be limited to when I watch it.

Rugby wasn’t the only sport in which they dominated. Soccer is another sport that has pique my interest in the past year and a half. Manchester United won 2-1 and now are gearing up for their upcoming matches in the Copa Del Rey. THis tournament features the best teams in the world. And I feel that they are ready to pounce and with the right momentum they could pull an upset and win it all.


Finally we have the return of the greatest sport of all. Today, early this morning pitchers and catchers reported. This happening may not be big to those who are outside of the sports world but to those who anything and for the sports fans everywhere its a mini Christmas in the middle of this gray, boring month. Now the start of the actual season is more than a month away but to me it feels like more than just beginning of a new season its, a new beginning where every team can win it all. For me however I hope that my San Francisco Giants can repeat and make this a dynasty.


Yes, Hello Old Friend… Kind of

We all remember it, our very first pair of sneakers that we actively searched for. Now we’ve all at one point gotten those kicks as a baby or a toddler that our parents got us because they looked so cute, but there comes a time in every sneaker head’s life in which we go out and look for a pair for ourselves. For some the first pair is like their unicorn. For some their first pair is easily attainable. For me however my first unicorn was a pair of Bred (Black and Red) Retro Jordan 1’s. They were one of the first sneakers that completely changed the face of what sneaker culture could be. With Jordan’s birthday coming up on Sunday my post today is in a way in parallel to this but more to the release of the Black/Blue Retro 1’s coming this friday. They of course will be argued to the end of time that they look like a pair of Dunks.

That may be the case but in the hearts of every sneaker head they are the book of Genesis to those who know about the time before the sneaker game died. This colorway will allow more freedom in what you can match with. Limited heel drag and toe drag being non-existent, the only thing that anyone who cops these is that little white string that and white mid section that seems to get dirty oh so easily. These are a guaranteed hit for anyone loves the sneaker game or of course those soulless resellers.


Nikes on my Feet???… at least they are this week.


Now that I got the Sports post out of the way its now time its time to indulge in my guilty pleasure, sneakers. I love sneakers, I will admit it, I’m a full blown sneakerhead. I can’t help it, its truly something I care about. Problem is, I go to college and like many other college kids, I have little time and even less money to get them, at least for now. With winter here and almost done its looking like that time of the year where I going to have to indulge in my guilty pleasure again and start buying them. Time to start reviewing a couple of kicks in the mean time though.

The Fighter Jet Foamposites, these kicks are a thing of innovation, what started out as a sample, which like most samples were destined to either end up in the garbage, Wale’s feet, or on the shelves. The last two did end up being the case. These kicks are going to be released this Saturday much to the relief of sneakerheads everywhere, who were promised the kicks on the first day of the year. The wait however is over. Like all foams they are made to run a half size too small, also be prepared to cop these kicks and not wear for a little bit. With the weather being what it is and the snow, rain, sleet, and salt being every where these look like their staying in the box for a little while. Overall these have to be a must buy.


Then of course we have the next pair of Jordan’s to get a retro colorway. The retro J’s I speak of are the Squadron Blue 13’s which are a all blue colorway with electric yellow accents on the bottom. This colorway hasn’t been seen in quite some time. This fresh edition to the Jordan game is a welcome edition, considering Spring is about to rear its head and the first thing that any sneaker head wants to do is get a blue pair of kicks that match just about anything to have as a foundation for the rest of their sneaker game. These I wouldn’t cop these kicks because 13’s were just never my thing. Don’t let me stop you all though I had a pair of 13’s last year and they are worth whatever you spend on them. Just don’t buy from a reseller, the sneaker game is dead enough. Next week I’ll be checking out two pairs of kicks that are coming out next week, or whatever I decide, that’s one of the luxuries of having a blog being yours.

Six Nations… None of them America… this isn’t football.

What can I say, I love rugby. This American boy from New York’s Harlem has become smitten with the sport that turns our football on its head. Rugby makes all other sports look feminine, its a sport for men and women who are brave enough to get knocked back and have their character tested like nothing else could. Football has a offensive side and a defensive side in Rugby however, their is simply a team that has one of two goals get the ball into the goal zone or stop the other team. Sure there are differences and similarities of the two games but in the end Rugby will always win out.

This brings me to my point, the Six Nations tournament taking place now in the U.K., Scotland, and parts of Ireland. As in the name its comprised of six teams each representing their nation. This tournament has brought me nothing but joy. America is slowly accepting into their homes and in the mud stains uniforms of the players who play this true sport for the ages. My hope is to one day be able to play this sport, while not on a national level but in a league where there are others who share my passion. This American Boy may have grown up a Packers fan in the days of Favre and Rodgers but there is always space in my heart for anything rugby it seems.Image

The Harbowl, The Superbro, The Beyonce Concert??? What happened to the game

It always happens, the Superbowl comes upon us and we all get into a frenzy. The recent events of the past few Superbowls have brought upon a new hysteria. I am speaking of course of the commercials and the faithful half time show. Now both have been a part of the Superbowl as far back as most can remember. However, there has been a general sense of growing importance of both in the past decade. What was once a break in the game for the bathroom has now left all their seats to watch the countless companies trying to put their idea on the screen on one of the biggest media stages in the country.

Commercial time has been sold for millions of dollars for seconds and if it fails, everyone will still remember it. The half-time show on the other hand, has been apart of the Superbowl since about the third event and has been a staple ever since. For many years it has been a time for up and coming bands to give them a shot at fame, but it was never something that many people gave thought to. Baseball has long had a stranglehold on the hearts of the American. Although since about 1995 the half-time show has been transformed from after thought to almost the main event. Women have recently thought of the half-time show this year as Beyonce’s concert during the game. Point is the Superbowl is not only about the game but the whole 4+ hours experience.





My Lifeline

I wake up today at 6:00am and notice that the sun isn’t up yet. My alarm has stared blaring and the beginning of my day started. I check my phone for messages from people that I have fallen asleep on from the night before. Then, as if by second nature, I check Facebook, Instagram and ESPN to see how all my teams did. My first class doesn’t until 1:50 but an early start never hurt anyone. I step into the 20 degree with my iPod on and start running for about an hour. Once I get home its time for a shower plus a few good morning text messages and a bunch of emails from last night. All this technology before 8:30 and I don’t usually realize it.

My day then drags on as I head to campus for a while to go play basketball or hang out in a dorm room until class. Once 1:50 hits there is a rare occurrence, all technology in my life gets shut down. My theology teacher will not have it and so for three hours, I am without my lifeline to the world. But alas we are given a fifteen minute break two hours in at which point my phone, and the phones of everyone else in the class, all turn on. I look at my phone and find that nine people have text me all trying to see where I am or for plans later in the day. It seems that technology, or lack there of, ass left me in the dark about things. I respond to whatever I can, then get back to the lesson. When that’s over the phone is back and now things have returned back to normal.

Hanging out after class means more phone and iPod usage and both keep me updated with everything including news from the sports world. On my way home I stay plugged in with my iPod on the whole time and constantly checking my phone. I feel as if there is a cord attached to my phone and I. For the rest of the evening I left my phone go off and pick it up when I have a moment which is usually often to check up on messages and people. This last until the night where I am exhausted where its time to go to sleep. That is until I get a new message and have to respond. Technology has taken over our lives and without we would be lost.Image