Ratsa… what??? Rastaclat being featured this week.

Rastaclat is a bracelet company that operates in the many countries of the world. I went and ordered a common bracelet, nothing special. It took a month for it to get here. Now I’m writing this post to hate on Rastaclat. Quite the opposite, after a couple of weeks when the bracelet didn’t arrive I basically emailed the online help staff and they were more than willing to help me out and find the source of the issue. They not only helped me find my package but they sent out another one which currently on my wrist right now and getting rocked with all this sneaker. If you can whether sneakerhead or not Rastaclat is the way to go.


Iron Man is here… well his sneakers got here first.

I love customs. When someone who knows what their doing takes a sneaker and makes it something thawt no one has ever seen before. The crazier the custom, if done right can make the normal kick look like some thing that is truly sublime. This brings me to the pair of sneakers that I came across that the now king of basketball had done. They are called the Lebron X’s “IronMan”. This colorway is something that I have never seen before and therefore has granted my attention. If I were to get a pair of Lebrons X’s, which as I’ve said in a previous post are comfy and just looking kind of bulky. If you can follow the creator of this custom on instagram @Mache275, do it now and he does do orders for people not celebrity.


Kevin Durant Smash!!!! Wait… that’s not right.

After much thought and thinking about the ascetic look of these I have made my choice to not get the Kevin Durant sneakers. This is not to say that I don’t like them, at a recent camp that I attended for rugby over the break I was given a pair to wear for use for the indoor drills. They feel amazing and they look even better. Even after the drills were over I kept them to wear for a pickup game of basketball. The only issue with these sneakers in any colorway is, at least for me is the fact that his last pair of sneakers, or the KD4’s, were just so good. If anyone is new to this sneaker game then get them.

This colorway though is subtle which is good for most but this is a great color for them. They have a deep green that is dulled by the matte finish. Then we have the rich green splatter effect on the bottom of the kick and is confirmed to glow in the dark. Of course KD has set the price of the kick to about $160 which is really a steal for any sneakerhead.


Yes, Hello Old Friend… Kind of

We all remember it, our very first pair of sneakers that we actively searched for. Now we’ve all at one point gotten those kicks as a baby or a toddler that our parents got us because they looked so cute, but there comes a time in every sneaker head’s life in which we go out and look for a pair for ourselves. For some the first pair is like their unicorn. For some their first pair is easily attainable. For me however my first unicorn was a pair of Bred (Black and Red) Retro Jordan 1’s. They were one of the first sneakers that completely changed the face of what sneaker culture could be. With Jordan’s birthday coming up on Sunday my post today is in a way in parallel to this but more to the release of the Black/Blue Retro 1’s coming this friday. They of course will be argued to the end of time that they look like a pair of Dunks.

That may be the case but in the hearts of every sneaker head they are the book of Genesis to those who know about the time before the sneaker game died. This colorway will allow more freedom in what you can match with. Limited heel drag and toe drag being non-existent, the only thing that anyone who cops these is that little white string that and white mid section that seems to get dirty oh so easily. These are a guaranteed hit for anyone loves the sneaker game or of course those soulless resellers.


Nikes on my Feet???… at least they are this week.


Now that I got the Sports post out of the way its now time its time to indulge in my guilty pleasure, sneakers. I love sneakers, I will admit it, I’m a full blown sneakerhead. I can’t help it, its truly something I care about. Problem is, I go to college and like many other college kids, I have little time and even less money to get them, at least for now. With winter here and almost done its looking like that time of the year where I going to have to indulge in my guilty pleasure again and start buying them. Time to start reviewing a couple of kicks in the mean time though.

The Fighter Jet Foamposites, these kicks are a thing of innovation, what started out as a sample, which like most samples were destined to either end up in the garbage, Wale’s feet, or on the shelves. The last two did end up being the case. These kicks are going to be released this Saturday much to the relief of sneakerheads everywhere, who were promised the kicks on the first day of the year. The wait however is over. Like all foams they are made to run a half size too small, also be prepared to cop these kicks and not wear for a little bit. With the weather being what it is and the snow, rain, sleet, and salt being every where these look like their staying in the box for a little while. Overall these have to be a must buy.


Then of course we have the next pair of Jordan’s to get a retro colorway. The retro J’s I speak of are the Squadron Blue 13’s which are a all blue colorway with electric yellow accents on the bottom. This colorway hasn’t been seen in quite some time. This fresh edition to the Jordan game is a welcome edition, considering Spring is about to rear its head and the first thing that any sneaker head wants to do is get a blue pair of kicks that match just about anything to have as a foundation for the rest of their sneaker game. These I wouldn’t cop these kicks because 13’s were just never my thing. Don’t let me stop you all though I had a pair of 13’s last year and they are worth whatever you spend on them. Just don’t buy from a reseller, the sneaker game is dead enough. Next week I’ll be checking out two pairs of kicks that are coming out next week, or whatever I decide, that’s one of the luxuries of having a blog being yours.