Six Nations… None of them America… this isn’t football.

What can I say, I love rugby. This American boy from New York’s Harlem has become smitten with the sport that turns our football on its head. Rugby makes all other sports look feminine, its a sport for men and women who are brave enough to get knocked back and have their character tested like nothing else could. Football has a offensive side and a defensive side in Rugby however, their is simply a team that has one of two goals get the ball into the goal zone or stop the other team. Sure there are differences and similarities of the two games but in the end Rugby will always win out.

This brings me to my point, the Six Nations tournament taking place now in the U.K., Scotland, and parts of Ireland. As in the name its comprised of six teams each representing their nation. This tournament has brought me nothing but joy. America is slowly accepting into their homes and in the mud stains uniforms of the players who play this true sport for the ages. My hope is to one day be able to play this sport, while not on a national level but in a league where there are others who share my passion. This American Boy may have grown up a Packers fan in the days of Favre and Rodgers but there is always space in my heart for anything rugby it seems.Image

The Harbowl, The Superbro, The Beyonce Concert??? What happened to the game

It always happens, the Superbowl comes upon us and we all get into a frenzy. The recent events of the past few Superbowls have brought upon a new hysteria. I am speaking of course of the commercials and the faithful half time show. Now both have been a part of the Superbowl as far back as most can remember. However, there has been a general sense of growing importance of both in the past decade. What was once a break in the game for the bathroom has now left all their seats to watch the countless companies trying to put their idea on the screen on one of the biggest media stages in the country.

Commercial time has been sold for millions of dollars for seconds and if it fails, everyone will still remember it. The half-time show on the other hand, has been apart of the Superbowl since about the third event and has been a staple ever since. For many years it has been a time for up and coming bands to give them a shot at fame, but it was never something that many people gave thought to. Baseball has long had a stranglehold on the hearts of the American. Although since about 1995 the half-time show has been transformed from after thought to almost the main event. Women have recently thought of the half-time show this year as Beyonce’s concert during the game. Point is the Superbowl is not only about the game but the whole 4+ hours experience.