My Lifeline

I wake up today at 6:00am and notice that the sun isn’t up yet. My alarm has stared blaring and the beginning of my day started. I check my phone for messages from people that I have fallen asleep on from the night before. Then, as if by second nature, I check Facebook, Instagram and ESPN to see how all my teams did. My first class doesn’t until 1:50 but an early start never hurt anyone. I step into the 20 degree with my iPod on and start running for about an hour. Once I get home its time for a shower plus a few good morning text messages and a bunch of emails from last night. All this technology before 8:30 and I don’t usually realize it.

My day then drags on as I head to campus for a while to go play basketball or hang out in a dorm room until class. Once 1:50 hits there is a rare occurrence, all technology in my life gets shut down. My theology teacher will not have it and so for three hours, I am without my lifeline to the world. But alas we are given a fifteen minute break two hours in at which point my phone, and the phones of everyone else in the class, all turn on. I look at my phone and find that nine people have text me all trying to see where I am or for plans later in the day. It seems that technology, or lack there of, ass left me in the dark about things. I respond to whatever I can, then get back to the lesson. When that’s over the phone is back and now things have returned back to normal.

Hanging out after class means more phone and iPod usage and both keep me updated with everything including news from the sports world. On my way home I stay plugged in with my iPod on the whole time and constantly checking my phone. I feel as if there is a cord attached to my phone and I. For the rest of the evening I left my phone go off and pick it up when I have a moment which is usually often to check up on messages and people. This last until the night where I am exhausted where its time to go to sleep. That is until I get a new message and have to respond. Technology has taken over our lives and without we would be lost.Image