There’s baseball, and then there is world Baseball

There is baseball every time around the same time of the year and we go and maybe even take advantage of it because it’s always there. Then we have the world tournament that is held every three years that is the equivalent to the World Cup for soccer. I am speaking of the World Baseball Classic. In the this tournament they have 16 teams, from 16 nations and what it is, is four ¬†stages of play in which the teams are split into four pools or groups of teams that compete to be the best team in the world.¬†

Most people including me for a while would have thought that the U.S.A. would be the front runner every time that they compete. The fact of the matter is they are not and they have not actually won the competition other than the year of creation of the tournament. This tournament allows for people to view baseball in its purest form and allows the world to fall in love with the sport that millions around the world. This sport is the greatest ever for how it spreads throughout the world much like soccer has. Baseball, Rugby, Soccer are three greatest sports ever and no one can tell me otherwise.