March… Start the madness at any point.

March is upon and so is the end of college basketball as we know it for the academic year but like all things it must end in the most encompassing way possible. It must be done up more than necessary and then shown that while flawed any other way of life is just useless. I am speaking of course of the NCAA Men’s College basketball tournament. This tournament has been around for 75 years and has redefined the way we all look at collegiate basketball. It gives teams a chance to show what they’re made of and a chance for history to be written anew.

St. John’s isn’t in the tournament this year (my college) but while I don’t really mind that it hurts the morale of the people a little. However there are 68 other teams waiting for their time to cut down the nets. My pick to win in it all has been a well thought out choice of randomness. But my choice to win in it all when there isn’t any clear cut number one is a number one though. Louisville is going to cut the nets down after they win in it all. However my sleeper pick would have to be Butler. They seem to stay around every year and have even won a tournament not too long ago. No matter what though this tournament is one for the ages.


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