Boston Strong in every which way.

A week ago we were faced with a tragedy. Attacked by terrorist who wanted to spread fear amongst the masses. On Monday at 3:00 the city of Boston was bombed and the marathon that was going suddenly didn’t matter. The real goal on that day was then to survive. We lost 3 people, more were injured and even more were scarred by the event. But as a country, we were not going to be brought down this event. We are going to rise from the smoke and the ashes. President Obama gave a speech that moved the people and gave us hope.

Another speech was given in Boston, a speech that was a bit more personal, making the speech given that much more important. I am speaking of the speech given by Red Sox DH and 1B David Ortiz. This was the first game that was played in Boston after the bombing. David Ortiz gave an impassioned speech that gave further hope that we were going to come out of this tragedy brighter, better, and united.

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